PP have been documenting our local area #Camden for sometime now.

We take inspiration from it!

This is one of our favourite images. 

Fallen Angel @Pegasusart‬


Images from our worldwide photography project for Unilever have surfaced in the annual corporate report. Thanks to several talented Producers, Photographers and Curators. Here's a glimpse...



An electrifying GFX feast for your eyes! Upon the close of another year, everyone in the Plastic Pictures team sends you their best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

See it here


Why am I asking you to put yourself through this tongue twister? Because my currency savvy friends, the Renminbi (RMB or ¥) is surging to become the world’s third most used currency. It’s true! Standard Chartered told us and now you’re in-the-know too.

If you haven’t added BeyondBorders to your bookmarks now’s your opportunity to check out this user-friendly publishing platform to discover the multifarious world of economic finance. Us creative types here at Plastic Pictures liken it to having a best friend (who just happens to be a finance expert) on your quiz team. FYI - This best friend is not only smart but looks pretty too.

If you find yourself now asking what is the Renminbi? It is of course the official currency of China. Don’t worry we initially thought China used the Yuan (they still do). So how the heck did the Renminbi get to being within the top five international currencies without us (us being the creative types) hardly ever hearing mention of it before?

Well, you don’t need to spend your tea break pouring over the salmon/peach pages of the only to be told you can’t access any more pages.

No siree, we, aka BeyondBorders, have got it covered - in exactly 60 seconds so you can get back to searching for better things, like the nearest currency exchange branch! No thanks required. Although I’m sure the expert opinion people over at Standard Chartered/BeyondBorders would feel gratified if you’d press play on this exciting animation we created for them. We would too :) It explains everything.

Renminbi – a global contender is available to view now on the BeyondBorders homepage or find it in the Trade Flows Topics.

Credits: A Plastic Pictures internal production involving Executive Producer Sara Cooper, Writer Joe Tunmer and our animator known simply as Rotem.



So, we merrily went along to the EVCOM Clarion Awards a couple of months and came home laden down with recognition!!! Four of our films were shortlisted for awards and every one of them won a trophy, including a stupendous Gold for our ‘Scaling for Impact’ 15 second Microfilms demonstrating Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. The series of short films (which you can see here) won the top prize in the Community Engagement and Social Enterprise Film category and was the work of geniuses James Woolley (Director/Editor) and Faye White (Art Director/GFX). We added a massive measure of ‘proud’ to Friday’s Plastic punch (drink)!

We are immensely proud of the whole team. We even managed to bag two trophies, Silver and Bronze, in the same category (Social Film) with our ‘Empowering Women’ film for Unilever. Finally, winning Silver in the Environmental category was our piece for Lockheed Martin ‘Energy Solutions Centre’ which you can see here.

Chuffed, thrilled, overjoyed and delighted (and all the other thesaurus synonyms) doesn’t even begin to describe it. So we made a GIF instead.

(A few other fantastic production companies and their talented peoples won some awards too… see the full list here)


“You can’t sell something until you’ve entered someone’s mind…” said Beth Comstock, CEO GE Business Innovations, at last year’s Future of Storytelling Summit. “We talk about market share, it’s really about getting mindshare – getting inside people’s minds and creating a story about what’s possible”

October 7th/8th sees this year’s Summit take place in New York, and we wait with anticipation for what comes out of this elite, invitation-only event…

No one knows better than us at Plastic Pictures that the Art of Storytelling is not a static set of rules. Rather it is a constantly evolving and shifting skill. We need to constantly learn and change; to make use of rapidly advancing technologies, to convey new and complex data and, ultimately, to continue to surpass ever-changing audience expectations.

The FoS Summit brings together some incredible thinkers and doers from the media, communication and technology industries. These are names that you cannot fail to recognise; we are talking Margaret Atwood and Al Gore – seriously, sweartogod. Along with other highly notable writers, poets and artists these guys rub along for two days with industry experts (like Scott Dadich of Wired, and – ahem – Edward Snowden of like, the NSA and all that) connecting brains over tea and pastries (we like to imagine) and sharing their thoughts with the common (ticket-holding) man.

The point is - according to their bumph - to ‘share ideas and experiences on everything from the new/old oral tradition to narrative in console games, from the biochemical impact of stories on the human brain to cutting-edge collaborative storytelling projects’. The good thing is that the media of storytelling is as such nowadays, even us proles who weren’t on the guest list and didn’t get in, can hear the chat through You Tube and The Twitter. So follow, watch, read about it. Enjoy the stories, and write your own.


This slick mashup from Parisian AMDS Films showcases the incredible power of the dark-room-dwelling finger wizard as the editor pulls out all the stops on this character-stacked colour-graded club scene.

Our resident Editor-Supreme Freddy ‘The Freditor’ has picked as his inspiration this month a film which makes for an awesome watch, even for the uninitiated. Talk about a glittering cast. This incredibly clever use of editing, colour grading, rota scope and who-knows-what-else stitches together scenes from a pile of great films – Scarface, Blade, Collateral, Saturday Night Fever, and on and on – to make a tense and captivating short film with a personality and narrative all of it’s own.

Freddy says “I’m in awe of this piece. It’s just under ten minutes of mesmerising viewing, as seemingly countless underground characters gather at a seedy nightclub. It properly celebrates the editor’s craft and shows the incredible power of the tools we use. It needs to be seen to be believed! John Travolta meets Darth Vader and it’s NOT ridiculous.”

Definitely worth huddling round the lappy to watch during Friday end-of-play drinks.


But they don’t. We do. And this one might just be the best in the world…

You lucky lot get to be the first in the world to see Plastic Pictures 2015 Showreel - live online NOW. See the cream of the amazing work we have been producing for clients, large and small, across the globe.

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