DJ Fatboy Slim Audio Visual World First

With the thought of warmer, brighter days just round the corner the team have gone all nostalgic, reminiscing about last years Summertime highlights. We’re talking about Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook and his boundary pushing 2010 SW4 performance!

Our head honcho and gfx genius Tim Fleming (Fatboy’s Audio Visual Director on his days off!) created a world first, using high-tech motion capture techniques @ the famous Pinewood Studios. “As part of his act, the visuals we developed involved a 3D version of Norman’s head, synched to his audio mix and visuals, allowing him full control of when to drop the 3D creations acapella style into his set”, explained Tim. “The crowd erupted when Fatboy’s 3D head appeared singing the lyrics to Star 69. Mixing the two channels seamlessly, was truly an audio visual master-class”.

If you missed it, we’ve pulled from the vault, exclusive and candid ‘behind the scenes’ photography taken from Pinewood studios – tracking the production process and final stage show.

In 2011, you’ll see Fatboy’s 3D head popping out at shows plus featured on promotional materials.

Massive shout out to Cubic Motion and Centroid who collaborated with Plastic on this project. Respect.