Creative Co-Founder
Sara Cooper

Sara drives the creativity, vision and direction of Plastic Pictures. Her aim? A creatively fulfilled team and strong meaningful partnerships that make a measurable difference. A devoted creative brand builder with a flair for words and photography, she strives to build a culture of collaboration, opportunity and learning, in an ego free environment. Focused on creating value, she makes sure the company delivers across creative output, strategy, service, talent, finance and partnerships.

An elected EVCOM Board Director, she’s previously held leadership roles in her native Sydney and within top agencies in London. Often seen hosting European workshops, she’s particularly interested in how clients can balance creativity, strategy and content creation with social media opportunities. 

In the summer months she’s a keen long distance open water swimmer and gets through the British winters by reading science fiction-fantasy novels.

Co-Founder & Executive Producer
James Dark

James leads by example when it comes to direction and production here at Plastic Pictures. And he certainly rises to the challenge by leading, coaching and inspiring our production team, partners and clients. James is a big believer in bold and entertaining in order to drive audience engagement and business results.

Previously a successful prime -time television Producer/Director with over 10 years programming experience, James is the difference between good work and achieving something truly special that merges the entertainment factor with emotional narrative. But don’t just take our word for it – James has been the guiding hand behind a proud shelf of awards. He’s passionate about technology and especially how technology can transform the world for the better. 

He also loves competing in triathlons. Probably a bit too much (so unless you love it too, don’t get him started!)

Executive Producer
Carrie Rose

Carrie started her career in radio journalism many moons ago, then went on to produce and direct prime-time factual programmes and documentaries for the BBC, ITV and Channel 5.

She then side-stepped into non-broadcast content and over the last 10 years has made award winning films and animations for a range of global companies, organisations and charities. At Plastic Pictures, Carrie helps to oversee the creative output. She loves the process of picking apart a brief, and working as a team to deliver beyond expectations.

Outside of work, Carrie’s two little people keep her busy. Fine wine, running, painting, and surprisingly trashy TV, keep her sane. 

Executive Producer
Britt Godshalk

Britt's mantra is that great opportunities come from simply doing great work. After nearly two decades as a broadcast journalist and marketing leader in New York and Washington, DC, building creative and operational teams from the ground up, she now looks after Plastic's clients in the United States.

Britt particularly loves working directly with CEOs and CMOs, as most of her career has been spent helping the corporate-minded harness their creative ambitions. During her role at a global marketing firm, Britt built and managed an on-the-ground creative offering for clients attending the the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos for six years. She also served as EP for the creative within a campaign that won Grand Prix Titanium and Promo/Activation Lions at Cannes.

Britt loves old school hip hop as much as she loves new country music and you'll usually find her somewhere near an ocean.

Head of Production
Fleur Decam

Fleur drives the team’s practical approach to work and has yet to encounter a challenge or timeline that intimidates her. An all-encompassing role, Fleur remains cool, calm and collected as she oversees all aspects of Plastic’s production process, ensuring we are the best production professionals in the industry. From proficiently budgeting ideas, scheduling UK and international projects, supervising cast/crew logistics to upholding health and safety on and off set.

With a background in social sciences Fleur has a passion for people and loves the opportunity to work with multi-talented individuals.

Head of Post Production
Freddy Chenevix-Trench

The post department is Freddy’s domain. Aka ‘The Freditor’, he tracks projects as they move from production into the magical realms of the edit. Freddy oversees live-action, animation, 2D and 3D graphics, grading, sound and music. Considering himself a ‘visual architect’ his creative post-production process that makes our films stand out and our clients very proud indeed. 

He’s a keen sportsman and at sometime during the winter season he will undoubtedly be flying down a mountain on his snowboard.

Jack Harmsworth

Jack has a passion for story-telling and a keen eye for visual flair - Producing and Directing content that connects the audience whilst challenging the everyday.

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, he has created everything from hard-hitting documentaries to award-winning YouTube channels, taking charge of every aspect of production...a Jack-of-all-trades.

Punk Rock & Chelsea F.C provide light relief; whilst a young son keeps him on his toes!

Production Coordinator
Lottie Allen

Lottie has come bounding enthusiastically into the studio with a keen eye for detail and diligence for production co-ordination. Working across a varied portfolio of Plastic’s projects (armed with hundreds of lists), she handles with aplomb the nitty gritty details from concept through to delivery. She’s certainly carving her career path by getting stuck into budgets, shoot co-ordination and post-production, taking on more responsibility day by day. A rising-star.

Watch this space.

Lottie also takes special interest in politics and humanities, and will be among the next generation to save the world.

Producer (Brazil)
Christina Daniels

Christina leads all of our new business and oversees production at Plastic Pictures Brazil. A brilliant and highly capable Producer, she uses her wealth of experience to produce some of the most memorable and awarded TV series, corporate and feature films. Credits include BBC, HBO, ESPN, ARTE, Coca Cola, Unilever and many more. 

A spirited entrepreneur, in 2013 she founded Viva Filmes, a Rio de Janeiro based production company specialising in international creative content. Our sole collaboration offers global reach with an accessible local focus. Planning on shooting in South America? It couldn’t be easier with Christina on board to lead the way.

Production Assistant
Adam Hollis

Adam is an enthusiastic member of the Plastic family, working over various aspects of production and always keen to learn more.  His can do attitude and interesting fashion choices never fail to brighten the office.


Adam is also a fan of 80’s cult horror and sci-fi films and has an affinity for corgis.

Head of Finance & Operations
Nuala McLaughlin

Nuala is our brilliant and incredibly talented Head of all things finance related. With many years experience in the industry, she has also developed a production accounting course to train the next generation. 

A hugely valued member of the team.