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At Plastic Pictures we shape films, animations and photography for the world’s biggest brands. We are a small and friendly agency, known for our personal touch, flexible approach and long lasting relationships.
Some of our clients have been with us since we started nearly 7 years ago. We think that says something. Fuelled by a passion for what we do and hunger to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity, we consistently produce work that

"Plastic Pictures’ has the creative depth and global contacts of a large agency and the collaborative spirit and fair pricing of small shop – an ideal combination for our clients large and small. We have never regretted bringing them onto a project and suspect we’ll be working with Plastic for years to come."

Britt Goldshalk, Executive Producer, Edelman New York

"It’s been great working with the Plastic team. You really removed the pain of what is always a cumbersome job for us at the worst time of year."

Rose Fenn, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Unilever

"We consider Plastic Pictures to be a partner, rather than a supplier. They consistently deliver original, high quality content. PP is the ‘go to’ team when we need fresh, creative thinking at concept stage."

Louise Collins, Director, Healthcare, Cohn & Wolfe

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We’re nimble and exist to make the impossible, possible.

So if you need help shaping your message or data into a powerful story narrative, or developing a new stylistic visual approach, shooting film or photography across multiple continents, developing cutting-edge graphics, clever animation or making magic in the edit, let’s talk it through.

Our hub is vibrant Camden, London.
With a sister office in the equally vibrant (much more tropical) Leblon, Rio de Janerio.

Additionally, our vetted international production partner network allows us to span continents and cultures to offset our crew carbon footprint and deliver fast, cost-effective productions.

Wherever your project leads, from the remote foothills of Nepal, busy market streets of Lagos, the harbour skies of Hong Kong or a factory in Liverpool, we can bend, curve, shift and shape overnight.

Albion Mills,
18 East Tenter Street,
London,E1 8DN.
+44 (0)207 383 2137

200 Portland Street,
MA 02114
+1 617 9458560